Per Aspera

by Per Aspera

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Available on 7" vinyl.


released June 28, 2013

Nicholas Schmidt - Guitars and Vocals
Michael Crotty - Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered through May and June of 2013 by Michael Crotty at Gnarnia, Chicago, IL. Chris Dertz hung out.




Per Aspera Chicago, Illinois

Three skids from Chicago.

Play fast.
Go vegan.
Live long and prosper.

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Track Name: Dragons of Eden
Crystal bonding - total universe.
Rigid, structured, infinite, diverse.
Lattice bound across the cosmic seas,
By pulsars, nebulae, the galaxies.

Absolute, elegant truth, divine,
Embeds in mathematical thought derived,
From logic. The loss of self-identity,
Unlocks subliminal philosophy.

Hear the calling,
Your creator:

Beckons lifeless in the blackened night.
Track Name: Live Long, Prosper.
I grew up enslaved by the light of the stars,
Knew I'd be the first one on Mars.
Now my dreams have changed in so many ways,
As youth will fade into better days.

But I'm still spending nights out on our front lawn,
Or the bridge of the Enterprise until dawn,
Comes to burn out the truth of a thousand worlds,
And leave us here with nothing more than a coward species piss drunk on the floor.

And we're still here.

The things that distinguish a life from death,
Matter so much more than your drawing breath:
To Know, and to Feel, and to Search for Truth.
Track Name: Shikata Ga Nai
We live with the lie that everything dies,
It's only the spectres we perceive alive.
We personify existence in the natural world,
So we can mourn the proof of our own remorse.

I reject the notion that a desert of pain is the only universe that we have to explain.
As the memories of our families evaporate into space.

The hollow woman kicking blood,
Reminds us what waits in our blood.
As she cries for her slaughtered friends,
The vacuum of space hears no dead ends.

So I will cry when my friends die, and I won't forget to live,
With passion, vigor, love, and fear of losing all that I hold dear.
Track Name: The Chandrasekhar Limit
I am a tree,
You can't see the black hole in me.
I am a beast, a bloody feast.
Jaguar jaw on your body raw.
I am a snake.
Our lives adrift upon a frozen lake.
There is a light, a lifeless night.
Never ending, it remains unseen,
In the between:
A psychotic itch and a space-time glitch.

I push you in.
You just spin at its infinite lip.
A falling life.
The dullest death is the sharpest knife.
And so I wait.
Forever pondering to join your fate.
Passage of time,
Is now only a concern of mine.

There is no God who can save you now.
There is no king here to overthrow.